Thursday, November 8, 2012

Unforgettable Coron (Sangat Loop)

It's our third day in Coron (view our 1st day here, and 2nd day here). But before we have our island hopping, we need first to transfer to Darayonan Lodge for our last night accommodation. Darayonan Lodge is a 10 mins. drive(by a tricycle) from Coron Reef Pension House. 

We were in the tricycle when the driver asked:

Manong triclycle driver: Ma'am, gusto nyo ng arroz caldo? Libre lang, birthday kasi ni Mayor.
Us: Cge Kuya.
Manong triclycle driver (stop the tricycle in front of Mayor's house): Bigyan nyo ng lugaw yung mga bisita natin.
Us: Salamat po. Happy Birthday Mayor..!!!

We felt we're part of Coron town because the people there were very hospitable to their guest. And the arroz caldo taste really good.

enjoying the arroz caldo

We checked-in in Darayonan, and place our luggages in our room, then we headed to the port for our island hopping. And said goodbye to Zeline because she needs to go back to Manila that day. 

tricycle in coron is big. 8 people can fit in it not including the driver :o

Our tour for the day is called, Sangat Island Coral Garden and Shipwreck. We got our tour from Coron Galeri for only 750php(lunch included). It's around 9am when we sailed off to Sangat Island. It would take an hour and a half going there. The views are very relaxing that you won't get bored. 

First Destination: Sangat Coral Galden

It was hard to snorkel in this coral garden because the current is really strong. But it has beautiful corals and fishes.  

Second Destination: Sangat Hot Spring

This is my favorite. To reach the hot spring, you must swim or walk in a tunnel of mangrove. It's a bit scary because the mangrove is known for snakes and other scary animals but our guide lead the way to make sure we're safe. The Sangat Hot Spring is located on the edge of the island. It is a small pool made of rock. If it's high tide, the sea water overflow to the pool of hot water which makes the water luke warm.

I said it is my favorite because the place is very peaceful and very relaxing. You'll feel your secluded from the world. I could stay there for hours but my friends doesn't like the place very much so we went on to our tour.

Third Destination: Sangat Beach

Time for lunch, so we went to the beach near the shipwreck. 

For our lunch we had crabs, grilled tuna, seaweed salad, grilled chicken and rice. And as I said in my previous post, the food was cooked in the boat, which makes it fresh and super yummy.

After we ate our lunch, Joy, Jhoanna and I went to the side of the beach for photo shoot. As I walked in a knee high water, I felt pain in my right leg. In a matter of seconds the pain worsen. 

Me(walking towards the shore): aray.. aray.. aray.. (then I look at my leg, I saw a violet-brownish thing, which I thought was a leech)

friend and boatmen/guide: (just looking at me with a puzzled look)
friend and boatmen/guide: (still looking at me with a puzzled look)

Then, our guide runs toward me carrying a bottle of vinegar. Saying I was sting by a jelly fish, and vinegar is the first aid for it.

After the tentacles was removed

Fourth Destination: Gun Boat Ship Wreck

Though my leg still hurts so much, I would never be left out of fun specially if it's to-see tourist attraction. (kaya tiisin ang sakit!)

We snorkel above the shipwreck and saw that the ship was deteriorated already(of course!haha..) and there were some corals and sea plants in it. You can also see lots of fishes in the area. 

Fifth Destination: Decalve Reef

Our last destination was another coral garden. 

Decalve Reef has a shallow water that even in the boat you can see the corals and fishes already.

The guide who rescued me from the jellyfish sting helps me to navigate in the garden by pulling me while I am holding the round floater. I told him I want to see Nemo and indeed we found a family of Nemo(so happy!). 

mommy, daddy and baby nemo :D

We headed back to Coron town. We arrived around 4pm which gave us enough time to buy pasalubong. 

We rented a tricycle for only 210php (35php per person). We went first to Coron Harvest. It was famous for its cashew product like sun-dried cashew, roasted cashew, etc. 

with the Aling Lita Escarda, owner of Coron Harvest

Next we went to dried fish stores to buy dried danggit. Then to Coron Souvenir and Gift Shop. This souvenir shop sells keychain, t-shirt, ref magnet and other Coron products. It was a bit pricey here, so we went to Coron Market to buy t-shirts and key chains. 

Coron Souvenir and Gift Shop

When we were sure we already bought enough pasalubong for our family and friends, we walked back to Darayonan and call it a day.

Darayonan Lodge
132 National Highway, Brgy. Poblacion 1
Coron, Palawan
09152976426; 09087732964

Calamian Expeditions Travel and Tours
# 11 San Agustin St. Barangay Poblacion 3
Coron, Palawan
Philippines 5316
+63 915 254 3246 
+63 917 55CORON

L. Escarda’s Coron Harvest

Bgy. Tagumpay, Coron, Palawan
(0928) 2693-998 (Lita Escarda)

Coron Souvenir and Gift Shop

Barangay Polacion 5, Coron, Palawan


  1. iboto nyo daw si mayor sa susunod na election. =)) LOL! lugaw talaga? XD

    attracting place at nakakapanglaway na pagkain. napacurious tuloy ako sa lugar and ya, will do visit this place one day.

    1. super recommended place ko talaga ang coron!!!

  2. Wow, ang dami talagang magagandang lugar jan sa Palawan :) so sorry about what happened on your leg. pasaway yung jelly fish na yun ah. ikaw pa talaga ang biniktima lols.

    ang kulet din ni Mayor, dinaan sa pagpapakain ng Aroz Caldo ang pangangampanya ehehehe!

    glad you had fun on your trip!

    1. thanks.. super fun tlga, even yung jellyfish event, funny din pag naaalala ko mga reaction ng mga kasama ko.. hehehe