Saturday, November 17, 2012

Tokyo DisneySea

Map of Disney Sea

This was my first trip to Disney Resort. And I am so blessed I got this for free. :-) How? Back in 2008, I had a training in Japan. And when we had dinner with the President and owner of the company, I told him this:

Meeka: Disneyland ni ikitai. (I want to go to Disneyland)

Then after a few days, He told me that he will treat me and the other girls in the office to Disney Sea. (*super big smile and super thank you Kato Sacho*)

So on July 05, 2008, my officemates and I went to Disney Sea. I choose Disney Sea because my cousin who resides in Japan told me that she will treat me to Disney Land the next day (July 06) ^_^

We met at Kawagoe Station at around 6am.

We travel by train for 2 hrs. going to Disney Resort. 

Entrance to Disney Resort

Disney Land Hotel

Interior of Disney Train
Entrance of Disney Sea

Oh, even if it was already 4 years ago, I still can feel the trill I had when I entered this theme park.

Mediterranean Harbour

Disney Sea doesn't have a castle in the middle of the park instead you will see a volcano. 

Main Street
Our first ride: Tower Of Terror
Tower of Terror is a high-speed, free fall ride inside an elevator. But first, you will enter a hunted hotel with hologram ghost and "hotel artefacts". Then you will enter an elevator, a bit drama in some floors and on the top floor, the window will open showing you the amazing view of the theme park  then drop fast in the darkness.

...after the ride

full view of tower of terror

Next ride was Indiana Jones Adventure: Temple of the Crystal Skull. 

Then we ate our lunch in Miguel's El Dorado Cantina, a Mexican theme restaurant.

My lunch: Seafood Paella
After we had our lunch, we watched the show Mystic Rhythms. Then went to Mermaid Lagoon.

Mai-Chan and me with King Triton
Off to Mysterious Island to experience another roller coaster ride called Journey to the Center of the Earth.

This is where the roller coaster is.. in the volcano

with my Japanese friends.. :-)
Into Arabian Coast, where I spotted Mickey-Chan (this is how the Japanese calls Mickey Mouse) and have a picture taken with him.

with Mickey-chan
We also went to Port Discovery, where we had Storm Rider, a 4D ride. We walked to American Waterfront for some picture taking. Then back to Mediterranean Harbor for dinner.

After dinner, we waited for the show called Fantamistic.  This show was held in the lake with the volcano on the backdrop. We were awed with the lights and effects of the show and of course by the disney character in it.

Mysterious Island at night
Mediterranean Harbor (you will see people were waiting for Fantamistic)

A trip to DisneySea wouldn't be complete without buying a souvenir. So we went to the Mediterranean Harbor souvenir shops.

farewell Disney Sea, till we meet again!

The time I went to Japan was the 25th anniversary year of the Disney Resort in Japan. I am really glad I was there to see it. 


  1. lumaki nalang ako di pa ako nakapunta sa mga disney land. hay! malagay nga eto sa bucketlist

  2. same tayo miss Phioxee T_T

    yung tatay ko palang ang nakaka punta jan sa Tokyo Disneyland. Nag work sya dati in Japan for several months, kaya ayun nilibre sya ng amo nyang Japanese sa pamamasyal sa Tokyo Disneyland. nasa old photo album pa namin ung mga pics nya hehehe!

  3. goal kong makapunta dito with Sophie... pero gusto namin ung matatandaan na nya tlg so siguro kapag 7 yrs old na sya... hehe!

    nwei, bibigyan kita ng trabaho... i want to know what you want for Christmas...
    check this out:

    1. oo, mas ma-e-enjoy ni sophie ang disneyland pag medyo malaki na sya..

      thanks for the tag. I'll blog it soon.. :D

  4. Such a fun trip! I've only been to HK Disneyland. Hope I can visit Tokyo Disneysea too someday!