Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Unforgettable Coron ( Coron Loop)

People in Coron woke up very early. We know because the room next to ours was occupied by the owner of the pension house. And you could their commotion at 4 in the morning. But we didn't get off the bed until 7am. (click here to view our activities on our first day)

We had our breakfast of rice, lamayo (marinated danggit), egg and loganissa. Coron Reef breakfast cost 100php is actually good for 2 person.

our breakfast
Our tour for our second day was Coron Island Ultimate Tour. We got it from Coron Galeri for only 650php including lunch and entrance fee.

They pick us in Coron Reef at 8:30am. The port is 5 to 10 minutes walk from where we are staying. 

picture first before we sail off

Coron Loop is less than 30 minutes from the port. So while enjoying the views, we had some photo op. :)

feeling models lng

First Destination: Hidden Lagoon

Hidden Lagoon had a mixture of salt and fresh water.  And the amazing thing about this place is that the water temperature at the bottom is warm. When swimming in this lagoon, you can feel warm water passing on your body.

Hidden Lagoon

Second Destination: Twin Peak Reef 

Twin peak reef is a snorkeling site. You could see lots of fishes, corals, sea urchins and sea snake.Yes, sea snake, Kuya Edward saw it near our boat, and I am so thankful we were some distance away from it and was not able to see it (so scary!).

twin peak reef

Third Destination: Bulungan Beach

Bulungan Beach
Bulungan beach is in a small islet. It has cottages, perfect for our lunch. As I said above, the tour includes our lunch. I thought the foods were already cooked before we sailed but  we were surprise that they were cooking our food in the boat. Talking about fresh foods. :) 

grilled fish
While waiting for the food, we had some photo shoot in the islet. (haha!)

lunch (grilled tuna, porkchop and seaweed salad)

what was left of our lunch
A fisherman paddled his small boat to the Bulungan beach with a big talakitok fish. He's selling it for only 400php. The fish weigh 4.5 kilos. We bought the fish for our dinner that night.

Fourth Destination: Kayangan Lake

To reach Kayangan Lake, you have to trek 75 steps going up and 75 steps going down. Our guide told us that some time ago, the natives of the island believe a spirit was dwelling in it.  And they performed a ritual to transfer that spirit to the another lake so that Kayangan Lake can be opened to public. 

kayangan lake
On our way back to our boat, we went to see the famous view of this destination. The place was actually just a cliff with a small cave adjacent to it. But beyond the cliff you'll see this:

my own version :D
On to our next stop. Coral Garden. When we reached the place, it was already raining. The rain really poured out so we decided to go to the beach that was near that place. 

Fifth Destination: CYC Beach

When we reach this place, the heavy rain turned to drizzle. So we go down the boat and swim.  

CYC Beach
When the rain already stop, we asked our guide if we could go back to the Coral Garden. They said we could (yey!)

Sixth Destination: Coral Garden

Our last destination. And we were glad we were able to see it.


sea urchin

We call it a day and head back to Coron Town. 

For our dinner, we asked the pension house kitchen if they could cook the fish for us. They said they could, it's not for free of course, paluto fee is 100 per kilo. We asked them to divide the fish in to 3 dishes. Sinigang, inihaw and pan-fried.

While the food is being cook, we went to the market, 5 minute walk from where we are, to buy some pasalubong.

dried fish: one of coron's main product
We bought dried fish and head back for dinner. 

sinigang na talakitok

For dessert and internet connection, we went to Ice Valley.

ice valley


our order: mix fruits

After we finished our mix fruits and checked our fb, we headed back to our rooms to sleep. Need to recharge for another island hopping tour.

On our third day, click here.

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Ice Valley

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