Friday, October 18, 2013

Seoul: Teddy Bear Museum, Seoul Tower and Wax Museum

Here is the second installment of my tour last 2011 in Seoul.

Our second day in Seoul was quite busy and very touristy. We went to Namsan Tower where Teddy Bear Museum is also located. Then went to 63 Building for the wax museum. In the evening, we had an all-you-can-eat dinner of samgyeopsal.

view from the cable car

lover's lock

Teddy Bear Museum would tell you the history of Korea in a very cute way.

Kpop teddies...super cute!!!

View from the seoul tower. You could see the whole cite in there.

with the politicians

with the artist

with my Savior ^_^

with the superheroes and teddy bear.. felt like a kid again :-)

And our yummy dinner!! Does it make you hungry by looking on the photos? haha..

N Seoul Tower

63 Wax Museum


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