Saturday, September 21, 2013

Seoul: Lotte World

It was a long time ago since my last blog. And I really really miss blogging but due to my upcoming wedding, I became so busy preparing for it. But now, I sneak some time off to write some blogs. ;-)

Since I am going back to Seoul next week(**super excited**), I'll be doing a series of post regarding my first trip on that city. It was November 21-26, 2011, early winter but sadly, no snow yet.

On our first day in Seoul, we arrived around 6am. And decided to spent the day in Lotte World. An indoor-outdoor theme park in the heart of Seoul. If you watched Stairway to Heaven, the carousel part scene was shoot in that theme park.

Indoor at day...

Just like the one in Japan, but Blue Fall is much higher. 

...Indoor at night

Here's the carousel I'm talking about ^_^
Jodi lang ang peg.. hahaha

We haven't tried every ride in the theme park because there were so many people. At around 8pm we call it a day and headed to Myeongdong for dinner.

this was my dinner, forgot what it is...

I already forgot the names of the food we ordered. But I assure you we enjoyed it. :D

Did you notice that the boots I am wearing have heels? I've learned it the hard way that you must not wear heels when touring Seoul. When we finished our dinner, I really don't want to walk anymore because my feet really really hurt. So blessed we were at Myeodong, I was able to buy a flat boots for only 10,000KRW, roughly 400PHP, and it was a really good shoes, perfect for winter. ;-)

And that's how our first day in Korea ended, me buying a new shoes.. hahahaha...

Lotte World

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