Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Universal Studios Singapore

Universal Studios is the major reason why we want to go to Singapore. We want to be like a child again and to experience the talk of the town rides. So, last May 14, 2011, Zeline and I went to Universal Studios Singapore!

We stayed at ABC Hostel in Bugis Area, so from there, we rode Bus # 145 going to Vivo City.

Vivo city is one of the many shopping malls in Singapore. Located on its third floor is the first station of Sentosa Express. We paid S$ 3.00 for pass which includes admission to Sentosa Island.

We alight at Waterfront Station. Then walk to the entrance of Universal Studios.

waterfront station

We already have our ticket with us. I bought it online 2 months before our intended visit. You could check the ticket price here.

don't forget to get a map and schedules of the show
Hollywood boulevard
When we already have our maps, we head straight to Madagascar to watch Alex, Gloria, King Julien and the four very cute penguins dance. 

photo op with the penguins
with Alex the Lion
Next stop is the Far, Far Away Land, home of Shrek, Fiona, Donkey and Puss. We spotted Puss immediately.

puss in boots
After our photo op with puss, we rode Enchanted Airways, a junior roller coaster, and watched Shrek 4D Adventure.

far far away castle
We move on to Jurassic Park in The Lost World Area. We rode Canopy Flyer and had a photo with Diane.

canopy flyer
with Diane, an infant triceratops
It rained when we were in Jurassic Park so we decided to find a restaurant, since it is lunch time already. 

our lunch
I leave my food to have a photo op with Woody Wood Pecker
while I  was with Woody, Zeline was watching Mel's Dinettes show
After we had our lunch, we watched Lights, Camera, Action and Monster Rock. 

new york street

Charlie Chaplin at 5th avenue
at new york public library
It's Sci-Fi City time, and we were about to ride the scariest rides in the theme park. The Battlestar Galactica Roller Coasters. We rode both the roller coaster, cylon first then human. I don't know why but every time I am about to try rides like this, I am super scared. But after I tried it, I would conclude that it was not really scary.

zeline with an alien warrior

see how scared I am.. hehehe
We ride the Revenge of the Mummy right after our Galactica adventure. It is also a very good ride but not that scary. Then we run to Lost World to catch the last show of Water World.

it was against their will to pose like that.. hehe
We still have time so we ride again the cylon and revenge of the mommy roller coaster. When the rides were already closed, we just took some photos and shop for a souvenir.

Around 8:20pm, we left Universal Studios to watch Song of the Sea located at the Beach Area of Sentosa.

Personally, I didn't enjoy Song of the Sea much. Maybe because I am too tired of all the walking we had in USS. But overall, we really had a blast that day.

Universal Studios Singapore 

Song Of the Sea

Sentosa Express 


  1. Inggit much! Looks like you had so much fun.. Kelan kayo ako makapunta dyan?hehe..

    1. kuha ka na ng passport kasi, then samahan kita magpunta dun.. :D