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Camiguin: Island Born on Fire

After our zipline and river rafting in Bukidnon and CDO, our adventure is not yet over. March 4, 2011, we wake up really early to catch the first bus going to Balingoan Port in Misamis. From there we will ride the ferry going to Camiguin. 

Ordinary Bus: 50-70 php
Ferry: 135-150 php
Terminal fee: 2.50php

before leaving the hotel in CDO
at the bus
tulog muna sila since 2 hrs yung byahe going to Balingoan Port


we rented that red and black multicab
Around 7am when we reached Camiguin. The multicab we rented  was already waiting for us at the port with a box of yummy pastel. We paid 1500php for a whole day island tour.

First stop: Katibawasan Falls
Entrance fee: 15php

Since Katibawasan Falls is around 15 to 20 mins from the port, we go there first before checking-in in Pabuas Cottage.

made out of kamoteng kahoy, served with sugar syrup (10php)

he would welcome you to the falls

250 feet high waterfalls

super enjoy sila sa pag swim sa icy cold water ng falls

group photo :)

Second stop: White Island
boat (for 8pax) : 400php
environmental fee: 20php

Before going to the white island, we check-in first at Pabuas Cottage. Its was located at the front of Paras beach resort. After leaving our baggages in our room, we walk to the boat station going to the white island.

pabua's signage
our cottage

boat going to the white island
white island
super init sa white island!!! so we rented an umbrella (100php)

see the dark area in the shore? grabe, malalim na part na agad yun..

sea urchin (10php)
sea urchin with vinegar and kalamansi. masarap naman!

When we had our fill of the beach, we went back to Pabua's to rinse the sea water and hopped on the multicab we rented for the continuation of our tour.

we stop in this place kasi sabi ni Manong magpicture daw kami dito.

Third Stop: Sto. Nino Cold Spring
entrance fee: 20 php

Our tour guide/driver said there are carinderias beside the cold spring where we could have our lunch. We choose first what we like to eat for lunch so they could cook it while we swim in the cold spring.

It was indeed a cold spring. Took me minutes before I completely submerge my body in the icy cold water. After a couple of minutes in the water, i found out that it was refreshing since we got sunburned on the white island.

The pool was so deep that we needed to rent a floaters. It was like 6 to 7 feet deep. And the side of the pool was slippery because there's a lot of moss. 

floaters for 20php

Fourth Stop: Soda Cold Springentrance: 20php

Soda Spring is a natural carbonated spring water. I was really curious, so I tasted it on the drinking fountain on the resort. It has a very, very mild taste of a carbonated drink

Fifth Stop: Old Church Ruin
donation only


super old tree

Sixth stop: Sunken Cemetery

There's no entrance fee on the viewing area. But if you want to go down to the big cross, you'll have to pay 20php for a round trip boat ride.

jump shot

Seventh stop: Ardent Hot Spring
Entrance free: 30 pesos
Before we go to Ardent, we stop at the town to buy Pastels for pasalubong and to buy our dinner. We plan to have our dinner in ardent.

We stayed in the resort until 12 midnight. It was really relaxing to deep into hot water after a very tiring day. Which is the reason we don't have a lot of pictures here. All we want is to relax.

Next day, half of us woke up around 3am because they have to catch their flight in CDO airport  at 10am. The remaining, which includes me, stay until 9am because our flight is 2 in the afternoon.

nasiraan yung bus na sinakyan namin pa-CDO, kaya while waiting for another bus, picture muna sa tricycle ng CDO
airport runway
bidding our goodbyes to CDO

Pabua's Cottage

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