Thursday, July 26, 2012

Zipline and Rafting Adventure

March 03, 2011, we had our little adventure at CDO and Bukidnon. We got our zip line and rafting package(with lunch) in Kagay for only Php 2,100.
But if you will try rafting only, it would cost Php750 per head plus Php250 for photos.
Around 8 am, the van picked us up in our hotel and drove us to Bukidnon for our zip line in Dahilayan Park.

You will first pass through Camp Philip where the Del Monte pineapple plantation is.

Pineapple plantation. Our destination is on the mountain in front.      
We traveled for 2 hrs, and at last we reach Dahilayan Adventure Park.

zipline rate

preparing to zip

320 m and 150 m zipline

launch tower of 840 m zipline

view from the launch tower

840 m zipline

yey! we survive...!!!!
After in Dahilayan Adventure Park, we have to go back to CDO for our eat-all-you-can lunch at Mindy's.

Our river guide picked us up in Mindy's. He gave us a waiver, where we have to sign first before we go rafting.

From CDO city proper, we would travel for half an hour to the starting point of our rafting.

beginner's starting point

gearing up

Before hitting the river, the guide gave us some briefing regarding what to do when we fall off the boat and commands he would use (paddle, back paddle, high five).

high five

rafting we go


end point
After our river adventure, we showered at the restaurant near the end point then, bought our souvenirs at the locals.
Around 7pm, we arrived in the hotel tired but fulfilled with the activities that we had.

To see the continuation of our adventure in Camiguin, click here.

Dahilayan Adventure Part
Contact Number: 0917-622-3204

Address: #21 Pres. Aguinaldo St., Cagayan de Oro City

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