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Surviving Caramoan

The title really speaks for Caramoan since it is always used as a venue for Survivor.Also, you have to survive the very long travel time(if you're taking a bus) going to the island.

Matukad Island Caramoan
Holy Week of 2010, Zeline, JM, Kizzy and I went to this paradise in Camarines Sur. We got our tour package from Ms. Nievas for only 5000php (bus fare is not included). We departed from Cubao around 9pm, Wednesday and arrived at Naga bus terminal 7am of Thursday. We were met there by Ms. Nievas and she brought us to Biggs Diners for breakfast.

Zeline and me at the bus

at Bigg's Diner

waiting for our breakfast

see how cool the ambiance of this resto :D
When we have our fills we hopped into the SUV for an hour and a half hour ride going to Sabang Port. On our way to Sabang, we stopped again at Biggs Diner(another branch). Ms. Nievas told us that we need to buy food for lunch. 

We reached Sabang Port, and were greatly surprised on the number of people waiting for the ferry. We were informed that all morning trips were fully booked. Ms. Nievas talked to a boatman, and told us that we were going to Caramoan not by ferry but by a boat. A very small boat. It was scary because we would sail the sea for 2 hours with rain and waves with this small boat that has 10 people in it. 

that little boat in the photo is our boat going to Caramoan
We arrived at Guilajo port after 2 hrs in the sea. We were able to arrived safe in the island(yey!). We were greeted by Mrs. Nievas relative and he ushers us to the tricycle. From the port to the place we would be staying would only take 15 to 20 mins.

We were super tired when we arrived in the ancestral house where we will be staying for 3 days. We were welcomed by Mommy Chikiting (sister of Mrs. Nievas) and her daughter Sweet. Couple of hours after we arrived, the power went off. And I am beginning to regret this tour. Because so far I haven't seen any beautiful views that I read regarding Caramoan.

To entertain ourselves, we explore the town by checking different hotels and inns. We also went to a souvenir shop and we bought a pili nut key chain for souvenir and pasalubong. Then we went back for dinner.


sinigang na hipon

grilled blue marlin
After dinner, we get ready to bed. We need to wake up really early for our island hopping.

Next day, we woke up around 5am, had our yummy breakfast, dressed up and hopped in the tricycle that would bring us to Dumaghong. 

Dumaghong,  jump off point going to the peninsula. 
off to our adventure

As the sun shone, we saw the beauty of the Island. My disappointment from the previous day vanished. It was replaced with awe. Truly, God shown His beauty through His creations.

First Island: Minalahos Beach

Adjacent to Minalahos is the Gota Beach. But we cannot go there that time because it houses the Survivor Bulgaria. And we also cannot visit Lahus Beach because the survivors were currently shooting in the island.

Gota Beach
Lahus Beach
2nd Island: Matukad Beach

We had our share of adventure in Matukad beach because we were able to climb the lime stone mountain in this island. At first, I was afraid because of my clumsiness, I worry that I will fall off the cliff. But Sweet ( our guide), Zeline and Jm encourage me, so at the end, I found my self staring at the beautiful view in the top of the lime stone.

Matukad Beach
3rd Island: Cotivas 

Cotivas was an hour from Matukad island. When we alighted in the island, we took some photos, swam a bit and ate our lunch. We also went on the sand bar across Cotivas where we found a lot of star fish.

Cotivas Island
4th Island: Manlawi

Manlawi Island has a vast sand area specially when its low tide. It was scorching hot since there were no trees to shade us from the sun. We just stayed for around 30 mins., enough time to take some photos.(haha)

Manlawi Island
5th Island: Hunongan

Hunongan is an ordinary island for me. Not much to see except the props/equipment of the Survivors who previously shoot a challenge in the island. 

Hunongan was a bit crowded so we opt to go back to Matukad Island to swim. It took us an hour to reach Matukad. Then stay there until its time to go back to the town.

We reach the town and into our place before night fall. JM and Zeline visited the old church in Caramoan while Kizzy and I had a little rest. After we had our dinner, we walk around town to buy a t-shirt souvenir.

Caramoan town at 8 in the evening

Since most of the store closes around 8pm, we go back to the ancestral house to have our beauty rest.

Next day, we went early at Guijalo Port to catch the ferry going to Sabang Port. Around 10am, we arrived at Sabang Port and Mrs. Nievas was already there to pick us up. She also gave us  souvenir bags.

JM with his bag from Mrs. Nievas

We drove again for 1.5 hrs going to CWC. But before we scout the famous CWC, we had lunch first. Mrs. Nievas introduced us to her friend who work in CWC so we could get a discount. We didn't try the wakeboard activities because there's a long queu of people waiting for there turn, so we just pay for the pool entrance but we decided not want to swim anymore. We just explore the place instead.


We stayed for 2 hrs in CWC then Mrs. Nievas pick us up again and brought us to Naga Public Market to buy pasalubong (pili nuts)

We spend our remaining hours in Naga at Mrs. Nievas house. She's so hospitable. She even cooked dinner for us ( which was not included in our tour package). When its time for us to leave for Manila, they drove us to Naga bus terminal.

We arrived in Manila early of Sunday. Though tired we had so much fun. Its was indeed an adventure. Caramoan is such a paradise, blessed with beautiful beaches and people who are so hospitable and friendly. And I am so blessed to see its beauty.

Special thanks to the Avila and Sucil Family of Naga City and Caramoan who accommodate us in this trip.

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