Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Woman in the Bible: Ruth

I wonder what’s with Ruth to have her own book in the Bible. Ano kaya yung gustong sabihin sakin ni God sa buhay ni Ruth?
As I search deeper sa naging buhay ni Ruth, I found out that she’s a gentile with a very sad past who got to know God and accepted Him as her Lord. Not only accepting God but she also follows God.In her book, she was describe as a woman with a noble character.
Siguro hindi naging madali kay Ruth yung changes sa life niya. Iba yung environment and culture na pinang-galingan nya. Pero she found happiness in the faith that she embraces kaya nakayanan nya yung hardship na meron sya.
She also live her days in God’s grace. Being a widow nung panahon before, wala silang income, they only depend on the grains left during harvest season. I saw how she trusted God to provide for her needs.
I also admires Ruth for the care she showed for Naomi. She had the right to left her, go back to her parents and marries another man, pero she stays by Naomi’s side. Work from day till night during harvest. Also, she’s so obedient sa mother-in-law niya.
Because sa naging traits ni Ruth, naging siyang part ng genealogy ni David and ni Jesus Christ. From her sad, messy life, she accepted God, follow God and God did wonderful things in her life.
Realization: What happened in Ruth’s life can happened sa life ko. Pinakita sakin ni God yung life ni Ruth that from a simple woman, ginawa ni God na extraordinary yung naging life ni Ruth, she just followed and obeyed God. Not easy but with God’s grace, I can be like her. :)

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